Santorini Day 78 and 79 

Last night Sam and Brendan actually decided to just hand back their quad too. They were over it. The guy was a bit of a jerk and we probably weren’t going to get another bike anyways. We were happy that we got to see most of the island and just planned to walk back to the Firosteffani to see the blue roofs in the late afternoon. Sam and Brendan were leaving today anyway, so we were all pretty happy to just chill by the pool for a few hours. In the afternoon I wandered up into town and across to Firosteffani – unfortunately I didn’t get the entire way into town as it just got too hot and too hilly. Plus there were no damn blue roofs! Haha (it was starting to become a joke).   

By the time I got back, Dave had decided to go out and get a motorbike, the island was just too big to get around properly and we only had a few days left to do some fun stuff together. I was pretty stoked to be back on the bike instead of the quad. It was nearly sunset, so we decided to go and have dinner at the all you can eat ribs place and find somewhere quiet to watch the sunset. Not too far from our hotel on the way back to the port was the perfect spot. A big open space on the top of the cliffs over looking the volcano and water. There were a few people up here, but nothing like Oia. We pulled into the dirt car park and wandered down to the edge. It was stunning. The sun set right over the volcano that lies off shore between the two points. The bright orange and purple colours took over the darkening sky. I actually think this was a much nicer spot to watch the sunset than Oia.   

After the sun dropped we made our way up the road to the Mexican place where the ribs were. It was run by a family of Americans from Colorado and has been there for over 20 years. I decided to get some nachos because I had been craving them for weeks and Dave got the all you can eat ribs. We figured I could help him with the ribs and still get my nacho fix (we are going for as cheap as possible with everything!). My nachos weren’t great, but they did the job. The ribs however, my god… They were insane. Home made BBQ sauce that’s recipe has been kept in their family for years. The venue itself was insanely beautiful. Front row seats to the view we just watched from the dirt patch not far down the road. The sky was still shooting purple and orange across the sky. It was actually a really lovely dinner. The lady who ran the restaurant and her son were lovely. We chatted to them for quite some time and found out some interesting things about the islands. Seriously, the whole of Santorini is still run by a diesel plant. This baffles me (and kinda doesn’t surprise me in the same sense)! 3 full racks of ribs later, Dave and I waddled out of the restraint to retreat back to our bed. We were so full it was painful. Ugh. Meat overload!!  

I can’t say either of us slept well. We were both tossing and turning all night. Belly unable to digest the sheer amount of meat and BBQ sauce we managed to stuff down our throats. It was horrible (it’s actually going to be awhile before I eat ribs again I think!). We crawled out of bed stupidly tired, but we had the bike and wanted to get the most out of it. We headed down to Kamari beach which was meant to be one of the most popular beaches of Santorini. We drove down some random streets to get there, exploring as we went. The island was very quiet at this time of the day. There was actually a really small little beach not far from our hotel that we drove past on the way. It had small boats in the rocky harbour and dark pebbles on the beach. It seemed more of a locals beach than full of tourists.   

We got to Kamari beach and parked the bike. Restaurants lined the small one way road in front of the beach. The beach again with jet black pebbles. Dave wasn’t happy about the black beach, but I didn’t mind it. Although very hot, it’s a massive difference to the beaches we have back home. The area was definitely more touristy than the small beach we had just found. The restaurants and bars lining the beach all advertising parties and drink specials. The beach absolutely covered in sun beds and umbrellas. I actually liked the contrast of the colourful lounges to the dark beach. The water was actually pretty nice too. We wandered around on the massive rocks sticking out towards the sea for awhile before deciding to head to the next location.    

 We actually decided to head back and do the cave swim again. Our photos didn’t work too well from the day prior and Dave REALLY wanted a video. I was totally fine with going back, there wasn’t a whole lot else to do on the island and the cave swim was rather fun. We went back to the black beach and dumped our stuff and walked out to the starting point. The current was definitely up today, wind was stronger and you could see the waves smashing against the side of the rocks we were about to swim out too. We gave each other a rather unsettled look, but figured we had come this far right?   

Out we swam, it was a lot harder today than it was last time we tried this. We couldn’t even hold onto the rock we first stopped at. We were both giggling with nerves but knew it would be fine once we were in. We bobbed around out the front of the cave for quite some time before we took the plunge. The sound coming from the cave today was so loud. It sounded like huge waves were smashing against the inside. You could see a fair way into the cave from the outside and inside actually looked relatively calm. We just had to get to the large opening. The small channel to get there was pretty rough. We waited for around 10 mins judging the waves and decided to bolt through during a lull. Unfortunately the lull didn’t last as long as we hoped, Dave snuck through but I got collected by the first of a larger batch and thrown to the side. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as it looked and I could grab the side fairly easily. Dave shouted back to make sure I was ok, I was pissing myself laughing as it was actually really fun. In a very short time (it seems like ages though!) I was standing in the shallow water of the cave. It was calm and quiet. You could hear the loud thuds of the water rushing behind us. We both sat there and absolutely cracked up laughing. I managed to get the whole thing on film which was quite amusing to watch (unfortunately cannot get off my gopro!). We took some more pictures in the hope they would work this time and swam back out towards the White beach. Again, getting out was pretty rough. The currents were quite strong, but once we cleared the cave it was better. We bobbed around like shark bait once again in the middle of this crazy open area. Tour boats were cruising past showing people the caves. The tourists just looked at Dave and I like crazy people as we smiled and gave them a friendly wave back. Dave climbed up a large rock whilst I tried to cling onto a slippery rock nearby. A flip into the deep ocean later and we were swimming back towards the cave.   

It looks a lot calmer from this side that’s for sure. But standing in the shallow cave and looking towards the tiny dot of an exit was daunting. From this side you could see just how high the sea rose when the waves came through. It was nearly to the roof. We again pumped up our courage and swam like crazy to the other side. The jet black tunnel slowly becoming more light. The other side was still rough but getting out of the entrance was easy. We were quite impressed with our efforts and happy to be swimming back to dry land!! 

We jumped back on the scooter and headed to this amazingly cute cafe on the side of the road we had seen a few times. We only ended up getting a fresh orange juice each, but the lady bought us out the most amazing tasting plate of all their handmade antipasto and dips. Dave was in heaven and completely smashed the entire breadbasket and tasting plate (good for him being able to eat stupid gluten!!!!). We needed to get going to hand the bike back in.    

 Back at home we spent the afternoon by the pool before ending up back in town for another excellent salmon and rice plate and to get myself another tattoo (sorry mum!). Tomorrow was our last full day on the island – I think we are both more than ready to leave this place.    



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